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Destination weddings are steadily on the rise—nearly 25% of weddings in 2013 were destination weddings, according to a survey by the XO Group. As the average cost of a traditional ceremony and reception skyrockets, more and more couples are turning away from overpriced, run-of-the-mill weddings in favor of a personalized and surprisingly affordable destination wedding experience. If you like the idea of a relaxing destination wedding but don't know where or how to start, we can help.

Here are the top five reasons a travel agent can help make your dream destination wedding an uncomplicated reality.

1. We know the destinations that make the most ideal wedding locations and know how to match your interests, style and the size of your group to the perfect setting. Travel specialists plan excursions for groups of two to 2,000, and ensure that guests of all ages are comfortable and well-accommodated.

2. We produce an event that goes beyond a wedding, crafting a memorable experience for your wedding guests by connecting you with local vendors for your ceremony and entertainment needs. Travel agents can pull together a captivating combination of local events, expertise and value pricing to make your destination wedding a success. You want fire dancers on the beach in Mexico? We have that covered. How about a private catamaran sailing jaunt in St. Lucia? Yep, we're on it.

3. We handle all of your guests' travel needs (including Aunt Martha's seemingly endless list of questions) so you're free to focus on wedding details and of course, having fun!

4. Travel specialists have access to thousands of dollars in group discounts. We will present the options to you upfront to help you anticipate the full cost of your destination wedding with no surprises.

5. We are always in your corner, and are reachable by phone, text and e-mail while you and your group are traveling. Some travel specialists even join larger wedding groups on their excursion to ensure everything is smooth and seamless.