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Starting off with the hottest trend of 2019: personalization. This isn’t exactly new, but today’s couples (1 in 4, in fact) are including unique details to showcase their personalities and make their big day truly theirs. Millennials are willing to spend more money per guest to create a wedding experience that reflects themselves as a couple and makes a memorable experience for their guests. 

Reception: A Donut Bar 
Say goodbye to the candy tables that were so popular in previous years. If you want something original to sweeten your guests' palates, bring them a donut bar! These delectable pastries are colorful, easy to eat and everyone loves them. Donut bars will be a strong wedding trend in 2019.
Reception: Mixology Drink Bar
A fun and creative spin on the traditional wedding drinks, instead of waiters bringing drinks to the tables, why not set up a mixology drink bar? Let your guests be the creative bartenders and mix up tasty and colorful beverages of their own! You can include several types of tequilas, colorful fruity additions or add beautiful little-printed cards with popular drinks recipes to help them out - make sure your favorite drinks are on the table as well. Mixology makes drinks fun and original at a wedding reception.

Décor: Large balloons
Moving to trends in wedding décor, we will see oversized balloons in many luxe weddings in 2019.

Although large balloons have been around for a few years, in 2019 they will rise to the surface once again for a fun and whimsical touch to wedding décor. Depending on the time of day and atmosphere of the event, the balloons can be solid colors or clear, filled with confetti or other elements that will make them stand out. Wedding photography with these gigantic balloons looks absolutely spectacular!

The Enchanting Greenery Bridal Bouquet

The greenery-themed bridal bouquet consists of leaves, foliage and green plants. For a truly modern look, you can stick to a bouquet made entirely of this foliage, or you can accentuate with a complementary flower of your choice to add a pop of color and beauty. If your wedding colors are lavender and gold, you could add a Calla Lily or Sweet Purple Tulips. Not only are these bridal bouquets dripping in personality, but they're also an original style and look fantastic in photos.

Décor: Rusted Metal Textures
Another essential element in wedding decorations are the carefully selected colors and textures. Metallic tones have gained popularity in the past few seasons, but we will begin to see them age a little in 2019 with an added rustic touch. This style that looks a bit worn and faded will be an emerging wedding trend in 2019. To give your colors a fresh twist and to balance the wedding tones, make sure to combine the oxidized metals with a pop of a brilliant color.
Exclusive Aroma for Your Wedding
Quite possibly a bit eccentric, but it's becoming popular! If you want to take your luxury wedding to the next level, you can have an aroma created exclusively for your big day. This fresh or romantic scent can be used on your wedding invitations and to add aroma to the different areas of the wedding. This is undoubtedly an original wedding touch. In addition, you can keep the formula of the aroma long after the wedding and continue to use it at home to take you back to the memories of your big day or even send it home as a souvenir for your guests.

These are some of the emerging wedding trends that we'll see in 2019. Wedding ideas that are original, fun and creative to make your day memorable.

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