Sometimes thinking outside the box can be a mental challenge. Nevertheless, escaping from what is ordinary and going beyond everyone's expectations will become a task you will want to explore for your special day.
A wedding cake offers the perfect opportunity to awaken your creativity and create a trend that will break the internet.
Thankfully Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on November the 2nd, is around the corner. With it comes a once-a-year opportunity to blend your wedding cake with this magical tradition that goes above and beyond. 

Here, we'll show you inspiring ideas of the Day of the Dead to make your wedding cake a work of art that everyone will want to devour.

Death Cake

'Till death do us part'. It is a phrase commonly associated with marriage; that your love will be as long-lasting as your life will be. But how do you recreate such a powerful phrase on a cake without making it morbid? With a death-related theme that's funny, adorable and cute! 
Some of the Day of the Dead symbols are the calaveritas (small skeletons) made of sugar. They can be found with traditional costumes and cute 'faces'. You can even order them in a peculiar pose or holding peculiar items. Customize them with your style, dress-code and personality. 

Colorful Traditions

A wedding cake doesn't have to be plain white and pastel colors; it can vibrant, eclectic and fun. 
The Day of the Dead opens the door to unleash a rainbow of colors, beautifully intertwining them with a legendary tradition. 
Your cake can be uniquely decorated with colorful ponchos, calaveritas and cheerful flowers that are representative of the Day of the Dead. 

Mexican Elegance

If you think that Day of the Dead wedding cakes can't be elegant then you're in for a surprise. 
One of the benefits of this colorful day is that you can choose one of the colors in your theme and blend it with black to create a sophisticated, dynamic wedding cake that is customized to your taste and Day of the Dead theme. 

Chic Sophistication 

In this cake, we can see how wonderfully chic the theme turned out to be. The highly decorated and defined fondant flowers covering the cake with the two skulls are amazing. One is customarily painted in the Day of the Dead tradition while the other one was left white, creating a harmonious overall look.
This is a creative and sophisticated way of making your cake live up to the Day of the Dead standards while giving it a chic touch too.
For this style, it is best to stick to a monochromatic color palette, while playing around with the shades of the same color.

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