Setting up your wedding website is likely one of the first things you'll do after getting engaged (maybe almost immediately following the social media post announcing your new hashtag). With your wedding website, you're laying the foundation of the celebrations to come and giving your guests a first taste of what to expect—so it's important to get it right. Below, find the top dos and don'ts of wedding websites so you can make sure yours perfectly encapsulates your style. 

Do make it personal.

It's almost too good to be true: You can create a free and customized right here on Quintess Travels page. And the best part is, we can do it for you: We have tons of photography options and themes that are chic, sleek, modern and customizable. Basically, it's so easy (and worth it) to make a website that feels super personal—we promise.

Don't be afraid to leave things out.

Remember, your future in-laws will see this, so maybe exclude those potentially compromising photos from the past. And even though your website doesn't need to be quite as buttoned-up as your invitation, run your words through spell-check and have someone proofread it before you post anything. You don't want your guests to get lost or confused. 

Do cover the basics

There are two reasons to make a wedding website. One is to give guests need-to-know info that may not be included on the invite. This means you'll want to cover the who, what, when and where, plus how to get there. The second reason is to add more information that guests will want to know, like suggested attire and who'll be in the wedding party. Think of the site as a one-stop-shop guests can visit whenever they have questions, instead of having to call you.

Don't forget about out-of-towners.

Post logistical details for guests making travel plans. They'll certainly appreciate a heads-up that you've blocked rooms at a specific hotel and will love having all the info they need to reserve one. (We've made it a breeze for you by adding a hotel link with an option for your guests to book directly online thru your website. And you aren't limited to adding just the hotel and venue info on your site, so consider including great restaurants they might want to try and cool activities to do while they're in town.

Do include fun stories and personal touches...

Let your guests get to know you better by giving them a bit of background on yourself and your soon-to-be spouse (which is especially helpful for guests, like a friend's plus-one, who might not know you that well). Tell the story of how you met, by sharing your love story and share a few of your favorite couple shots, even share your hashtag on your wedding website.

...But don't go overboard on the information.

Our guess is that your friends and family won't feel like clicking through a slideshow of the entire story of your lives together or an extensive album devoted to your pets.

Do include registry details.

Creating a website gives you a chance to tell everyone exactly where you're registered—without seeming inappropriate (you should never include your registries on your wedding invites). You can even add links directly to your registries.
In addition to traditional registries the honeymoon fund lets you register your honeymoon, so every time someone can buy you a gift from your honeymoon fund wish list, and it will go directly towards your honeymoon cost!

Don't forget to take advantage of the bells and whistles.

You can create an online RSVP option and collect your guests' plus-one info at the same time. Add customized pages with deadlines to book their hotel rooms and transfers to and from the airport, And the best part? Visit your website to see how many days you have left until the wedding—let the countdown begin! 

Let us show you how we can create your wedding website for FREE. Contact us for your complimentary consultation, we'll be happy to review your options and stay tuned for our new book launching soon. The 'Must Have' Destination Wedding Planner