About a week ago I spent four days in Puerto Vallarta at the Grand Velas Resort learning about wellness, healthy food and meditation while participating in their Wellness Getaway! When I first got the invitation, I immediately browsed the schedule of events and couldn't wait to get started...

The Wellness Getaway is something special that the Grand Velas offers a few times a year. It includes wellness workshops, healthy tasting and cooking classes, meditation clinics, fitness sessions, spa experiences and so much more. I had a chance to experience it first hand!! (Yeah!)  

Upon our arrival, the check-in process takes place with the staff greeting you with a cocktail, while you sit back relax and receive a 10-minute shoulder massage … It was uh-mazing!

Grand Velas invited wellness expert/yoga teacher, Ana Paula Dominguez, who led us in a nice yoga flow teaching us breathing techniques as she is certified as a Kundalini instructor. She also taught is to meditate with the talented sound therapist Robert Gopar using techniques such as incorporating apples, to help our energy flow and healing sounds, chanting and pure relaxation ... which I can say first hand, was really powerful and effective! Between classes the Vegan Chef Yogui made us incredible dishes with cauliflower rice, quinoa, variety of bowls and sushi which was seriously delish!! I loved hearing about Chef Yogui's superfood go-to's and plan to incorporate them more into my life....as every hour was filled with Wellness activities to help promote a healthier lifestyle.

Claire Grieve, yoga teacher and health coach, also joined us and taught a stretch yoga class on the beach with a nutritional session on superfoods. I enjoyed having the class outside in one of the most beautiful venue's!! I didn't want this class to end, with the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves put me in total relaxation bliss.

We also were led into a few meditations by Javier Bautista and Roberto Gopar, it was so nice to have the sounds incorporated into our classes, helping us relax, rejuvenate our body and minds. 

Now...Colleen Macann, author of Crystals RX shared her insight and clear direction for harnessing the power of crystals. She conducted Crystal readings and shared her inspiring story about how she combined her world of fashion with spirituality. Her work has been featured on GOOP and in the New York Times, Vogue and Vanity Fair. I had no idea about the power of Crystals and thoroughly enjoyed her story of how she rocked her inner Gem boss!! We even received a copy of her new book (thank you Velas)!

Now, let’s talk about the food!

I don’t know about you, but enjoying delicious meals is just as important when choosing a resort or place to stay during your travels. And let me just say, the food at Grand Velas did not disappoint!! Every morning we woke up to a BEAUTIFUL breakfast where you could make your own omelettes, create your own green smoothie with fresh fruits and veggies. There were also frittatas packed with veggies, matcha waffles, quinoa pancakes, banana bread, again that amazing fresh juice… basically, you name it and it was available.

Most of my lunches were poolside with a margarita on the side (hello, balance!).

Dinner was INCREDIBLE at the Grand Velas!  

The restaurants focus on locally grown vegetables and freshly caught fish. My personal favorite was the 5-course tasting menu at Sen Lin, an explosion of Asian Fusion mixed with creativity and orchestrated service!!! What I especially loved about the restaurants was how accommodating they were with gluten allergies, keto, dairy free, nut free and vegetarians!  I was incredibly impressed by the level of care that went into the food preparation, flavor and presentation.

Other Wellness Activities on the schedule included an aromatherapy class, meditation with sound therapy, juicing session, energy cleanse, wellness dinner and more. The aromatherapy class was really fun as we got to make our own lotion with wonderful essential oils.

The Grand Velas also offers an incredible spa, which includes hydrotherapy, massages, facials and more. I chose to get the Ritual Massage, it was EPIC and I felt the effects of this technic for days!!

Lastly, walking on the beach was something that I enjoyed nearly every day. It was relaxing and peaceful. One afternoon I even saw dolphins jumping and playing around aka my favorite thing EVER!

Your body and soul will thank you for this restful, rejuvenating experience! For more information on this incredible Wellness, Getaway at Grand Velas, contact me personally: lsharr@quintesstravels.com!

You can see more on my Instagram Page and the short video I included from my day 2 at the Wellness Getaway

Here's a video showcasing the beautiful Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit