Tips for Biking Bermuda's Railway Trail National Park

Adventure Bermuda

It may be one of the best ways to see the beauty of Bermuda.  The train system in Bermuda was short-lived, but its legacy is a National Park trail that is a gift to islanders – and visitors to the island – for generations. In the '30's and '40's, the...

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11 Best Places in the World to Go Whale Watching


70 percent of our planet is covered by oceans, and whales are not only the largest marine mammals, but the largest animals alive. No wonder humans are drawn to the oceans and these mammals who dwarf us and remind us how small we are in the universe. Whale watching tops many travelers'...

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Do Destination Weddings really cost less then Traditional Weddings?


Planning for a Traditional wedding can take a year or longer - the average engagement lasts 15 months and involves taking care of a wide range of details, from ordering floral arrangements to booking musicians. All those expenses can add up quickly, and you may be wondering if there are...

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