Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

The ‘once upon a time’ introduction to a story has been overdone, but, indulge me. I am about to use it again. Once upon a time, a prince set out to look for a princess to marry on the beaches of Batu Ferringhi in Penang’ Malaysia. Now in those days, the beaches spread to the end of the world. The Prince walked for many miles but all he encountered was half-human-half fish mermaids.  And it came to pass that just as he was about to give up, he spotted a palm tree in the distant. As fate would have it, under the tree was a Thai princess who had suffered ship wreck in the high seas. From the marriage of this two arose the present day Malay people. They lived happily ever after on the beaches of the Batu Ferringhi.”

Now, did I just make up that story? Maybe. The point is: the Hard Rock Hotel Penang is an iconic multicultural retreat that is located on the Pearl of Orient. It is a place where Cinderella stories like the one narrated above happen all the time. It is endowed with great views, hip and trendy amenities, and well-appointed accommodations.

The resort houses 250 guestrooms that radiates contemporary feel. They are fitted with amenities such as Wi-Fi connections, iPod docking stations, 32-inch LCD screen TVs, and 24-hour entertainment HD Blockbuster movies.  Comfort and luxury are the two words that define the resort.

The dining options, Hard Rock music, lively camaraderie, and great views of Penang make for some great holiday making destination. The fact that the hotel can host up 300 people banquets, weddings and corporate meetings adds to its allure to visitors.

As if to always remind itself that it is a Rock n Roll themed hotel, its walls are adorned with memorabilia and icons that reflect the changing scenes of the music over the years. It takes down its guest on a 50 years memory lane of changes in art, music and fashion.

The Hard Rock Hotel Penang is where fun and great dining happens. It is one of the top holiday retreats in the Oriental World and you will be happy that you chose it for your vacation.

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