We don't know how Lana Sharr was able to make a MIRACLE happen, but she did!

By The Faussette's Agent Lana Sharr French Polynesia, French Polynesia Nov 30, 18

With our limited (civilian) experience in traveling abroad, my fiancé (now wife) and I thought it'd be a good idea to travel to GREECE, in April, for our honeymoon. Before I begin, let me advise that my wife and I are customer service "snobs"!

Lana took the time to put an AMAZING honeymoon package together that was magnificent! The caveat to the trip came about when Lana advised on limited access to certain hotels, restaurants and cites due to this being outside of the tourism season for GREECE. The only reason my wife and I weren't let down when we received this news was due to the following information attached to her email. Staying within our budget, Lana put together a "French Polynesian Islands", OVER WATER BUNGALOW, honeymoon package that TOOK OUR BREATH AWAY!!! Our itinerary included step-by-step instructions with flight itineraries, transportation to/from the airports and two different resorts. All we had to do was show up! A month before our travel, we received a package from Lana that had all kind of travel essentials... selfie-stick, water resistant cell phone case, luggage tags with our pictures on them, mosquito repelling bracelets, airplane kit w/ pillow/earplugs/sleep mask, and a few other items...WOW!!!

After talking to various couples staying at the same resort, we found out how much more they paid for the same package with other travel agents. One couple paid $3,000 more than what we paid for the same trip and they didn't get the OVER WATER BUNGALOW as we did. My wife and I will always go to Lana for her services because she provides PASSION, EXPERTISE, OPTIONS and GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE that lead to "Once in a Lifetime" experiences.

Sincrely, The Faussette's

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