Lana Sharr

Lana Sharr


Lana has over 20 years in the travel and hospitality Industry and is a avid traveler herself.

She was born abroad and lived in Italy and Vienna, prior to arriving to the US. She had the opportunity to relocate with her family and reside in both the East and West Coast prior to settling to Arizona. Europe is her forte and having traveled to over 30 destinations across the globe, she is just as well versed when it comes to other parts of the world. Lana's biggest thrill when traveling is learning about the history, culture, and local cuisine of the countries and people she is visiting. Her sense of adventure allows her to feel just as comfortable cave tubing in Belize as she is on a Silversea's luxury liner.

Lana consistently delivers amazing travel experiences for all budgets and tastes, and has a large following of happy clients. When she is planning a destination wedding, a intimate honeymoon, a luxury river cruise, or a visit to the Holy City, Lana takes great pride in delivering the perfect experience for you, every time.

Businesses appreciate Lana's expertise when it comes to finding the perfect corporate event venue at the best possible price. From a single hassle-free route from point A to B, to a large group whose flights need to be coordinated, Lana handles it quickly and with ease.

Lana's most memorable travel experiences to date include visiting the beloved and inviting city of Sienna, Tuscany, eating the best soufflés and escargot in Paris, shopping for spices at the local markets in Grenada and of course her own beautiful destination wedding in the Caribbean with her toes in the sand saying "I do" while sharing the experience with her closest friends and family.

Lana specializes in:

  • Destination Weddings and intimate Honeymoons
  • Cruises to include River Cruises
  • Group Travel (reunions, multi generational and sports teams)
  • Faith and Heritage Travel
  • Corporate Incentive Travel
  • Wellness Travel

She is committed to exceeding your expectations and will work tirelessly to make your travel trips a reality.

We had an amazing time in Maui for our wedding, I appreciate you making all of our arrangements for us and our guests. Thank you for everything, for our 1 year anniversary we will contact you to plan everything. 
Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into making sure our guests were able to be there with us on our special day. Our destination wedding was absolutely perfect. Your welcome gift was absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. We already have it hanging in our home.

Lana was awesome start to finish! She was so informative and gave us advice. She sent us specials for completely unexpected surprises. We loved working with her! The shows on our Disney Cruise were amazing and probably our favorite part. Our cabin was so much better than the other rooms! It felt huge! We loved doing the FE and loved the door decorations. We loved the water slides! The kids thought they were amazing. It was just a great time! We are hoping to book another cruise with our friends once they release the summer 2020 itineraries. I will keep you updated on what we decide and if you have any advice it is always appreciated. We are excited!

Thanks for all your help!
From, The Fleshmans

I want to thank you so much for helping us coordinate such a once-in-a-lifetime trip! You made it so easy and your recommendations were great.

I've had a slew of friends ask about our trip and I'll be sending them your contact info.

Rating ✰✰✰✰✰

Tara and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us through the process. We just got back last night and I don't think either one of us have stopped talking about it. We're ready to go back.

The whole experience of the hotel was great. The food, service, drinks and hotel itself were everything we could've imagined and more. You made a great sell getting us on the hotel, and everything you said was spot on. Thank you again for helping us find this great property.

We had a great time. We ate at Kampai, D'Italia (twice), Coco's, Chef's Market and JoJo's. We still feel like we missed half the restaurant. Tara was able to see everything at the BDR she wanted, and we feel a lot better about getting prepared for the wedding.

Also, we somehow made it on the Mexico News Network's The Sunny Morning on the last day talking about our experience (we gave you a shoutout ;) ). Gilberto from the wedding sales department wanted us to tell you hi. He gave us our presentation when we were in the BDR. He was great!!

Thank you again for all of your help. It has really made this whole process easier for us.

You honestly made our dreams come true and helped us not only every step of the way but made sure we did get a wedding!

For that you forever will have a special place in our hearts!

I absolutely MISS our daily chats but that will happen again!

Thank you for everything we are so excited to look into all of the options and many future trips with you!!

Thank you for the "Welcome Home"! Would love to still be there, we had a fabulous time at Palafitos. The service out there was far superior, we ate every meal in the restaurant with the glass bottom floor, and enjoyed our over water bungalow for breakfast. The staff is outstanding, and for our last dinner Miguel planned a special meal for us with steak and lobster, rose petals on the table, the works! We are definitely looking forward to returning as soon as we can, Valentine's Day? Thank you so much for planning this for us.

I will reach out to you after the first of the year, thanks again-

We had an amazing time. You were spot-on with the recommendation to stay in the Beach Bungalow in Moorea, as the "over water" were mostly half in the water and half still on land. The resort itself was excellent! Thank goodness for "Get Ready" rooms as well. Arriving at 8AM maximized our first day there, but we also could not check-in until 3PM. I was ready for a quick nap once we finally got into it (i don't sleep on planes.....LOL).

Once we got settled, we really enjoyed everything the property had to offer. I thought the sea turtle rescue area was awesome, and the dolphins on site were very cool! We also did an ATV excursion, which took us through pineapple fields, through little rivers, to mountain peaks with fantastic views and to a school where we sampled local jams made from the fruit by the students. It was great!

And, Bora Bora was breathtaking from the minute we arrived.....that BLUE water!! We were so happy we upgraded to the premium over water bungalow at the end of the dock. It was awesome to just dive right off of the balcony into the water everyday, and we were happy to have the deeper water at the end of the pier too. The ones closer to the beach were of course in much shallower waters. We had a phenomenal view of the mountain at all times from the room balcony. The food was great, and the Le Meridien resort had everything we wanted! We kayaked, paddle boarded and generally just enjoyed all of the water toys they had. We did do an excursion where we jet-skied around the entire island, stopped once to make coconut milk. Then we had lunch at Bloody Mary's. After that was the best in my opinion, where we snorkeled on the ocean side of the reef with black-tip reef sharks and lemon sharks....and tons of amazing fish to see. We then went in the shallow side of the reef with more reef sharks and rays everywhere and then the last stop was the "coral gardens. All of it was so amazingly beautiful! I am jealous your agency gets to go every year!!

Thanks again for everything, as we had a truly amazing experience!

Thank you so much for the care package! That was so thoughtful of you and made us just that more excited for the big day and honeymoon. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

We are looking forward to bora bora and thanks to you it should be the best vacation ever. You will absolutely be referenced to all of our soon to be married friends :)

The trip was amazing! We didn't end up doing any excursions, golf, or spa. Just relaxed! It was absolutely perfect. Your recommendation were just perfect. We are so happy with the choice. Thank you so much!

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